Stay safe and well! ~ Bruce & Karin

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Hello and welcome to Complete Health Management at Cooloola Acupuncture Clinic in Gympie. Our clinic motto is “helping people to get well and stay well” and the reason for our business name.

Complete Health Management is headed by Bruce Viner, who is not just an acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath, but a qualified alternative health management consultant and practitioner.

A total holistic approach is used with each patient and treatment is varied according to individuals and conditions presented. Some are sensitive to acupuncture needles and may require soft tissue manipulations as Bowen therapy or laser therapy, some may require cupping therapy and others diet therapy. All these therapies can be utilized to get patients feeling well as soon as possible.

The Gympie clinic consists of acupuncture clinic, herbal and naturopathic dispensary. The dispensary contains a good collection of practitioner only naturopathic products, and a vast collection of individual herbs that are personally formulated for specific needs. The herbs are available in liquid tincture form, granulated powders, or patented Chinese pills.
We will provide you with assistance on medical conditions that we can treat and information on how to get well and stay well.